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"There is no such thing as a bad kid"
- Dr. Stuart Shanker

I became a parent in 2017 to a healthy, happy and vibrant baby boy. It was at that time that I realized how hard parenting really could be. It didn't take me long to figure out that my son was sensitive and had unique skills and abilities. Even though I thought as an OT I had the knowledge, skills and experience to support husband and I still struggled. We were exhausted, overwhelmed and didn't know what to do or how to help him. It was then that I set out on the path to learn more about self-regulation and how I could see my son differently and support his needs so that he could thrive... and as parents we could too!

That was when I came across Shanker's Self-Reg framework and I instantly knew this program was exactly what I needed. After a year of extensive study, I completed the Foundations Course and was ready to share what I learned and had already been applying to my own life with friends, family, team members and  the families I supported in my OT practice. 


I am PASSIONATE about sharing and educating other parents and sharing this information. It has changed my life and not only how I parent, but how I see my son. He is not sensitive, dramatic, crazy, needy, challenging or difficult (all things I used to say about him when I was desperate for help). Now I know that he is exceptional - and he's mine! My husband and I now have the knowledge and tools to support him no matter what age and stage of life we are in!

My goal is for YOU to see your child differently. And for you to feel empowered with knowledge, strategies and tools in your toolbox to help support them in everything they do! You too can feel how I now feel - it is possible!  The Self-Reg framework is a model will change the quality of life not only for your child, but for you as parents - now and forever!  It is a program for the whole family!


More about Shawna's story...


Virtual / In-Person Parent and Child Sensory and Self-Reg Consultations

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"We can enhance and support self-regulation by understanding and dealing with stress"
- The MEHRIT Centre ( 


Using the Self Reg Framework as well as my extensive training and experience as an OT specializing in sensory processing, we will use this model to guide our consultations.


During our consultations, you will learn how to:

  • REFRAME your child's behaviors to see them through "softer eyes"

  • RECOGNIZE your child's "stressors" using the 5 domains (biological, emotional, cognitive, social and prosocial) as well as hidden stressors and how they may be impacting self-regulation

  • REDUCE your child's stressors and I will help to provide you with a variety of every day strategies that can be "tools" in your "toolkit" during the ups and downs of daily life

  • REFLECT and discuss the mind-body connection of stress and to recognize what calm looks and feels like in you and your child

  • RESPOND and reduce tension and restore energy for optimal qualify of life 

The supportive process between caring adults and children and youth that fosters self-regulation development

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Sensory Processing, Self-Regulation and Motor Skills 
Packages Are

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